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Please contact us if you have any problems. You should have received initial setup information when you received your username and password. That documentation is reproduced below for your convenience. If you have lost your username or password, please call us.

Initial Setup Documentation

Thank you for choosing R-Networks. This document will help you get started with your R-Network email. With R-Network you have options when deciding how to receive, send, store, access and sort your email. We also value your privacy and the security of your data. We provide encryption for all inbound and outbound email communications using industry standard SSL and TLS for POP, IMAP, SMTP and HTTPS protocols. Below you will find your account information with instructions on how to access your email via our WebMail interface or your Outlook client as well as information on more advanced subjects such as message filtering, email Aliases, message forwarding.

Account Information



Encrypted & unknown

Email Address

Email Aliases

Incoming Server (POP)



110 SSL port 995

Incoming Server (IMAP)



143 SSL port 993

Outgoing Server



25 SSL port 587

Account Management:

All R-Networks email account management is performed through either the WebMail interface or via the Web://cp hosting control panel. Refer to the section titled WebMail for detailed instructions on changing your password, email aliases, forward, autoreply and delivery filters.

Note: If you have a web hosting account with R-Networks it is recommended that account management, including email, be performed through the Web://cp control panel. Refer to the appropriate document for instructions on accessing and using the Web://cp control panel.

Spam Protection:

At R-Networks we work hard to protect you from unsolicited email. We have taken a multilayer approach to dealing with junk email and think it is important you know how we handle you messages. R-Networks uses the SpamHaus SBL and XBL mail block lists. When an email is received for you our servers first check to see if it came from a source on one of these lists. If the email did originate from a source listed, the message is immediately dropped and never delivered to you, the intended recipient. In reality this has very little affect on you, except you receive significantly less SPAM. These lists contain only the most hardcore spammers in the world. If you are concerned that someone sending you email may be on one of these lists you are welcome to read more at http://www.spamhaus.org.

The majority of SPAM email you receive is placed into a Junk_Email folder in your account. This is so you can review if at your convenience and check it if you expected to receive a message and it has not arrived. This way you maintain control of your account simply. There are no address books to maintain, no white lists and black lists. You receive the email and can review it later if need be. Note that R-Networks has the ability to adjust your spam filter, determine what is placed in the Junk_Email folder, can add additional SPAM folders and can adjust what is classified as SPAM if necessary to suite your needs. For more information contact support@r-networks.net.


R-Networks WebMail is an email client which you can access with a web browser from anywhere in the world to read and send messages. WebMail also provides email account management whereby you may change your password. WebMail is accessible with any internet browser at https://www.r-networks.net/webmail/. We recommend you log in to WebMail using the HTTPS protocol however as it provides encryption of any data (for example your username and password) transmitted between your computer and R-Networks servers. You can log in securely at:


Logging In:

To login enter your username and password as provided above. Once logged in you will be presented with a list of your folders in the left pane and your messages in the center right pane. The top of the right pane will always display a set of links which allow you to Compose a message, Manage your Address Book1, Manger your email Folders, modify your personal Options, Search for messages and obtain online Help.

Reading Email and Navigating you Inbox

When initially logging in messages from your Inbox are displayed in the most recent order. To read any message, simply click on its blue subject. The message will appear in the right pane. At the top of this window you will have the standard set of links followed by a set of links which can return you to the Message List, Delete the currently displayed message, move to the Next or Previous message and Forward or Reply to the Message. The bottom of the page will provide a dropdown box which allows you to move the message into a selected folder on the email server.

Any of the actions listed above can performed on a group of message from the Message List page. Simply check the left checkbox of each message you wish to affect and then click one of the Move, Forward, Delete, Read or Unread buttons to affect every selected message. If you have more messages than will fit on one page Next and Previous links will be displayed at the top and bottom of the message list along with numbered links to each page of messages which you have.

Composing an Email:

To compose an email click on the Compose link in the top on the right pane. Be sure to save any changes before clicking on the link as any unsaved modifications will be lost. After clicking the compose link you will be presented a page which allows you compose a standard email message. If you wish to spell-check the message click on the Spellcheck button and commit any changes as appropriate. Attachments can be added with the attach form at the bottom of the page. Be sure to click the Add button after selecting the attachment from your computer. Either of the send buttons on the page will send the message.

Account Management via WebMail:

Note: If you have a web hosting account with R-Networks it is recommended that account management, including email, be performed through the Web://cp control panel.

Changing your password:

Click the Options link at the top of the right pane within WebMail, then click on Change Password. You will be prompted to enter your old password followed by you new password. You must enter your new password twice to ensure that it is not accidentally mistyped.

Changing your Forwarding address:

You may wish to forward any email received at your R-Networks email account to another email account. To do this click the Options link at the top of the right pane within WebMail, then click on Set Mail Forward. Enter the email address you want to forward messages to, or leave it blank. You will also need to enter your password.

Setting your Preferences:

The look, feel and function of the WebMail interface are largely user configurable. While the online help within WebMail contains a more complete listing of customizations, several common changes are documented here.

Changing your Font size:

Click the Options link at the top of the right pane within WebMail, then click on Display Preferences. The second dropdown box is labeled Custom Stylesheet. Change this Sans-12 or Sans-10. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click submit. To have the change take full effect logout and back into WebMail by clicking the logout button at the top right of the page. You may experiment with different font styles and sizes until you find one which suits you.

Changing the Number of messages displayed:

Click the Options link at the top of the right pane within WebMail, then click on Display Preferences. Change the number 15 in the box labeled Number of Message to Index to 20 or 30. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click submit. Note that the more messages displayed the longer it will take for the webpage to load.